Mobile Glass Repair in Corona

Mobile glass repair in Corona is essential because you should never drive a vehicle that has a cracked windshield on the road. The windshield on a vehicle is designed to protect you from projectiles such as rocks, insects or birds that can hit you while traveling at a high speed. In addition, a windshield is vital protection in a collision with another vehicle or during a rollover incident. Modern vehicles are designed by engineers to have all of the components necessary to protect you and passengers as much as possible. Without a windshield, you risk injury from inclement weather such as rain, lightening or hailstones.

Windshield Repairs or Installations are fast and Easy

In some regions, a law official will impound your vehicle if you are driving without a windshield before giving you a ticket to pay a fine. To avoid all of the negative consequences of having a badly damaged windshield on your vehicle, contact a technician of mobile glass repair in Corona to repair a small chip or crack of the windshield glass. After an inspection of your vehicle at your home, workplace or in a parking lot, the technician will let you know if a windshield is repairable or if a vehicle requires a total replacement. The technician will bring along all of the substances and tools needed to either make a simple repair or to install a new windshield.

A Technician Can Repair or Replace a Windshield in about One Hour

When you call a windshield technician for assistance, make sure to know your vehicle’s model and year to help with the selection of the correct replacement windshield. Have your vehicle’s insurance information available so that a technician’s company can contact your agent for full or partial reimbursement of the cost and labor of the windshield. Stay near to your vehicle so that the technician can begin working as quickly as possible. In most cases, the repair of damage to a windshield’s glass or replacing the windshield will require only an hour.

Mobile Glass Repair in Corona

OC Glass Craft in Corona, is the premier mobile glass repair in California. The technicians are highly trained and friendly, making it easy to understand the windshield repair or replacement process. Each technician working for OC Glass Craft wears a uniform with the company name and drives a logo-labeled truck. Not only will the technician analyze windshield damage in only a few minutes, but will repair or replace the glass in approximately one hour before completing a safety inspection.