Expert Autoglass Replacement in Irvine

You’re driving along, going about your busy day, handling everything you do in your busy life. And then it happens. Some mysterious object—small as it may be—hits your windshield. It leaves just a little nick in the glass, barely noticeable. Annoying but no big deal, you think.

Well, think again. Whether that chip remains small or gives way to a crack that steadily inches across your windshield (caused by the motion/friction of driving or temperature changes that cause glass to expand and contract slightly), it is much more than just a visual imperfection. It is an actual safety hazard. And OC Glasscraft is the expert autoglass replacement in Irvine relies on for superior service and safety standards.

OC Glasscraft – Autoglass Replacement in Irvine

It’s easy to take your windshield for granted. As long as it’s clean and our wipers don’t leave streaks, we think we are good to go, even if we’re driving around with a small chip or crack in the glass. But a windshield does much more than just protect you from the elements. You probably don’t realize that your windshield is a key component in the structural integrity of your vehicle as a whole. In the event of a head-on collision or a rollover, that means your windshield can actually help protect you and may even help to save your life—if the glass is structurally sound.

To Repair or Replace?

The first thing to remember if your windshield gets a chip or small crack is, don’t delay! Many minor damages can quickly spread to the point that you will need to replace the windshield rather than simply have it repaired. Here are things to consider:

  • Most chips smaller than a 50-cent piece can be repaired
  • New breaks repair better, so call us as soon as possible
  • A break that gets wet is more difficult to repair
  • If a break is in your line-of-sight, replacement might be a better option

Our experienced autoglass repair Irvine specialists can get to you with same-day service to increase your odds for a simple repair.

If replacement is necessary, we guarantee the same quick and efficient service. And because we are mobile, we make it convenient for YOU!

We Are “Defining Excellence”

Because we make this idea part of our mission and our guarantee, you can count on us for certified technicians and products and courteous service:

  • 1 Hour Repairs and Installs
  • Insurance Company Approved
  • Free Mobile Service
  • Same Day Service
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Certified technicians and products
  • FREE installation and discounts for both active military and veterans

OC Glasscraft Mobile Glass Service meets the safety standards established by the Autoglass Safety Council and recognizes how essential your windshield is to your safety on the road. We look forward to answering any of your questions and providing you with service standards you won’t find elsewhere for all your autoglass repair Irvine needs. Contact us today: or 888.988.4527