Orange County Car Windshield Replacement Experts

Broken auto glass is a problem that simply cannot wait to be fixed. When most drivers seek out the services of an auto glass repair company, they often choose the lowest-priced option. However, getting the job done correctly the first time can not only save time, money, and future aggravation in the long term, but it can also save the driver’s life. Orange County Auto Glass Replacement specializes in providing dependable and reasonably priced glass repair solutions.

The Hazards of an Incorrectly Installed Windshield

The windshield provides a considerable amount of support to the vehicle’s cabin. In a front end collision, the windshield provides up to 45 percent of the cabin’s structural integrity and up to 60 percent in a rollover. Therefore, customers at Orange County Auto Glass Replacement can have the peace of mind in knowing their safety will come first. A windshield that has been improperly installed may coming off during a collision, thereby eliminating the critical barrier that keeps occupants inside the vehicle during an accident. In certain collisions, an improperly installed windshield may also allow a vehicle’s roof to collapse, resulting in the vehicle’s occupants being crushed. Orange County Car Windshield Replacement meets the safety standards established by the Auto Glass Safety Council and recognizes the critical role proper windshield placement plays in reducing the occurrence of injury by keeping vehicle occupants safe and secure.

Signs of Faulty Auto Glass Installation

Windshields that are not correctly fitted may leak or show signs of rust. Prior to having windshield replaced, customers should inspect to ensure that the molding is straight, and the adhesive should not be visible. There should also be no signs of dirt or debris. Furthermore, any reputable repair shop will inform potential customers that they will be required to wait at least one hour following the repair before being able to drive the vehicle. In some cases, the waiting period may be longer. The professionals at Orange County Auto Glass Repair are committed to accurately informing customers of what they can expect when their auto glass undergoes repair.

Choosing an Auto Glass Replacement Shop

There are numerous mobile and brick and mortar repair service providers that do not adhere to widely accepted safety standards when installing and repairing auto glass. By asking the following questions, consumers can more easily choose a service provider who will prioritize safety over making a quick sale.

  • Is the company AGRSS-registered?
  • Does the company use original or original equivalent replacement glass and equipment?
  • Will the materials the company uses meet or exceed ANSI Z 26.1 and all pertinent Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards?
  • Who manufactures the adhesive the company will be using to do the repair?
  • Is the adhesive manufacturer-certified?
  • Does the company offer a warranty?
  • How soon after replacement can the vehicle be safely driven?

Orange County Car Windshield Replacement is happy to answer these questions and any other questions customers may have prior to agreeing to begin repair work. Potential customers can rest assured their safety and comfort is the main priority. More information about Orange County Auto Glass Replacement is available at